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5 May Round 3 V8 Supercars, Round 5 F1 results
20 April New Pats Prattle, Lee's Line, Cabbies Cud,
F1 Results as they become available (R4)

13 April

New Guru in Aussie Pits, V8 Results updated as they happen!!

7 April

Updates to F1 for Round 3, Including gallery!

1 April

NEW GALLERIES started to come on-line!

27 March

Report for Round 1 V8 Supercars.(In Results, V8 Page)
New Lee's Line & New Galleries and Interactive pages.

23 March

Results for Round 1 V8 Supercars.
New Pats Opinion & New Guru in Aussie Pits.

16 March

Streamlined Portal Loading
New navigation and front page to accelerate loading on dial-up!!
New Lees Line in the Aussie Pits

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What you Get


Heaps of new Galleries going up! V8's and F1 and some CART!, Drivers, Tracks and Event by Event!!

Inter- active Forums

Check out the NEW Interactive page for links to the News and Interactive Forums (NEW!) Chat . Have YOUR say!! News Forums For F1, Supercars, CART, and MORE

Aussie Pits

You will find Heaps of Articals in the AUSSIE Pits, Submit your own! Also the latest Mini-Poll

V8 Supercars

Check out the V8 Page for all the Latest results, Schedule, Points, Teams/Drivers and gossip!

New Calander!


World Pits

The World Pits is your link to all the International Racing Categories, Will develop when we find an Editor!

Formula 1

Check out the F1 Page for all the Latest results, Schedule, Points, Teams/Drivers and gossip!

Champ Cars

Check out the CART Page for all the Latest Standings, Results, Schedule, Teams/Drivers and MORE!

IRL IndyCars

Unfortunatly, this page is under construction. Check out the IRL News Forum for the latest!

Nicks Page

Nicks Down-Under Performance Cars, is the haven for our own Street Legal Performance Car Man!


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Welcome to the New Look for the Racing Web.
The new format is to accelerate loading on Dial-Up connections, and improve navigation from anywhere in the site.
The New Interactive Section contains the Press release Forums, as well as
new interactive forums and Chat!!
New Galleries formatt is hopefully only a few days away, As the existing setup is woefull
I would also like to wish all our service Men and Women in the Gulf all the best. May they return Safe and Well. I pray it will be a short and decicive conflict, with minimal loss of life and property.
Racefan Pat
Help Wanted
We are looking for people to write Articals and Race Reviews
on the following

Formula 1
Cart, IRL (IndyCar) and Nascar
Off Road and WRC
If You Can Help,
E-Mail The Manager

This Site is VERY New, and so this page is mainly about what will be, and the new and exiting things I have got up and running! To quickly find what you want try the Site search above, or goto the Site map I will try my best to keep the most important news in the press releases and on the relevant pages, But I need help to get the site really buzzing!

Hope you enjoy the Racefan's Racing Web

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