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Random thoughts from:
The Manager of Racefan's Racing Web, Pat Kershaw 

April 20 Easter!


I have finnally got to see the second round of the V8 Supercars, after waiting for a week for Imparja Teliviosion to squeeze it in amongst the Football codes!. Still at least I get to see the F1 now Ten has picked it up.

Well Ford have won one, and Lownes is back in the winning circle.

I am pleased for Ford and Craig, both have tried damn hard, and waited for quite some time for this result. I have said it before, and,  at risk of being repetitive, this can only be good for the championship and the long term health and success of the sport. Project Blueprint has been much publisized, discussed and critisised, but it definatley seems to be working. I know its early days, but hell the Fords are close enough to pick up a win when things don't go right for HRT and Skaife! But there are chinks showing already!

One thing I can't believe I am seeing (or hearing), and it is not the first time, is the phrase 'Fragile Spiolers'. I mean, come on!!! The Ford front splitter/Spoiler sticks out far enough to hold a dance on! They HAD to have known it was in the firing line! And we go to the first High speed, High load circut and they start to fall off! Isn't this a bit familiar!... I really can't believe that with all the money they have spent on this Aero-Kit, that someone didn't consider the loads on the damn mountings!

I am sure it is easily fixed, but I really don't see why it was nessesary in the first place, and typical of the way the Ford teams seeem to be proficient in the art of foot- shooting! (Ie Shooting ones self in the foot)  At least now the BA seems to have similar handling(to the Holdens), so I am sure we will have a close championship.

This brings me to Formula 1. Who would have given you odds on three non-Schumaker podiums by round three? And it gets worse for Ferrari, it has been another team!, and worse still... DNF's!!

The new Qualifieing has been so successful, and the championship is so wide open and exiting, that the English ratings have soared back to the heady levels of 3-4 years ago. Mad-Max has put the raft of changes slated for the middle of the year on hold, and it really is likely that if Michael does win another championship, It is going to be well after the half-way mark! (for a change) And Kool Kimi! What a revelation. Congratulations on a string of consistant and mature drives. Fisi, congratulations on the first win, and Eddies fairytale 200th race!

Finally, Mark Webber. I have heard people bagging him, but I ask this; How many Rookies in F1 score points in their first two seasons? (Almost none), How many Rookies can keep up with Micheal Schumaker in a race? (Almost none), and how long do most drivers take to win thier first race? Fisi just won his!, Micheal was in his 4th or 5th season, and many are in thier 50th+ GP. I feel he is doing all the right things. He has won The group C's, Le'Mans, F3000 etc, and knows what it takes. Don't under-estimate him! The only reason he took so long to get to F1 was the age old Aussie problem. NO SPONSORSHIP!

Till Next Week

Happy Racin

Racefan Pat 





Skaife Should Cream those wheel BArra's at the Creek


Well it's that time of the season again as we head into round three at Eastern Creek and what a blast it should be with Eastern Creek been similar to Phillip Island in terms of been a fast flowing track and as we saw at Phiillip Island HRT's Mark Skaife could of walked away with his second round win, but nah that was to bloody hard instead he got done like a 'Dogs Dinner' for speeding in pit lane but at least he had the cahooners to admit his total screw up and on national TV unlike that boo hoo idiot Ingall clown.


And as we saw at Phillip Island the GODS opened up the heavens and down came the bloody rain leaving the track like an ice skating rink which then opened up the racing as a chook lotto draw with cars spearing off left, right and centre and because the race was red flagged and the race was counted back two laps we saw that evil Lowndes take the round win, I was not a happy little regemite.


Anyway Skaife will flatten Lowndes this time round with a touch of help from his team mate Todd Kelly, as we all know this is a HRT track and if Skaife wins here at Eastern Creek it will be his 5 round win at this circuit and what a feat this would be, but the bad news is that the damn weather could play havoc yet again opening up the race to yet another bloody chook lotto draw and hopefully not another wheel BArra win.


Surely if ford can only win by these chook lotto draw races then it's quite obvious that they don't have the raw speed as they say they do and rely purely on the rain to come down just enough to screw up the chances of a Holden win let alone a Skaife win.


Eastern Creek consists of twelve corners in total and a number of sweeping corners along with the main straight and runs in an anti-clockwise direction for 3.93klm's so the racing should be hot, fast and furious with plenty of carnage mainly Fords and the odd Holden all heading to the scrape metal yard again.


If it does rain I hope Greg Murphy can get another podium position as he shows good pace on wet tyres in the wet as he is one of a few decent drivers for Holden of course that seems to have no trouble getting around an ice skating rink and has always given Mark Skaife a good run for his money long live HRT and Kmart Racing.


As for Ford well lets hope they help each other out by taking each other out as the sight and thought of the bloody blue oval winning makes me want to spew up and FPR now have more money then HRT, Jesse the cow and Bo Derek all put together and people said HRT had the most money, ha what a joke. Anyway below are a few of my picks.


Drivers to look out for:

#1   Mark Skaife (HRT) had the speed at Phillip Island so expect to see him in the lead and another strong performance from him if there is no driver errors.

#2   Todd Kelly (HRT) done well also so expect to see him up the pointy end of the field on the back bumper of Bright.

#4   Marcocs Ambrose (SBR) well all I can say about him is that I will be watching him in anticipation to see if he uses his indicator but he is still a quick driver.

#6   Craig Lowndes (FPR) won the chook lotto race at Phillip Island but whilst he is a good driver he has little chance of been on the podium this time round.

#34 Garth Tander (GRM) has showed good speed of late and is another contender that you should see at the pointy end of the Field.

#50 Jason Bright (Team Brock) he will be up the front end of the field for sure as he wants the win to keep himself at the top of the tree.

#51 Greg Murphy (Kmart) well you can expect to see Murph rip his way through the pack as he is chasing that #1 spot that Bright currently holds and deserves a win.


Anyway there my picks for Eastern Creek so come Sunday we will soon see just how close I am cause as of Friday morning the odds of mark Skaife winning was $3.50 for the win so on that note I will leave it at that and hope for a HRT Skaife win.


Happy Racing   


The Holden Guru  



There it was. Phillip Island round for 2003.
Ross is right it is a fast flowing circuit which always provides much entertainment. We are fast losing circuits like this and hopefully no do-gooders will spoil the fun here carrying on about environmental mumble jumble so that a few members of whatever organization their from that don't like motor racing can have their way and instead watch a bunch of big burly blokes stick their heads to the rears of other burly blokes in order to throw a ball backwards to go forward. May Lakeside rest in peace, at least until i win the lotto and reopen it as a hire go cart track.(council regulations will never allow proper racing at Lakeside again).
Anyhow, back to P. Island, once again Skaife's car danced off into the distance. unluckily for him and lucky for the rest of the field he made a self confessed error approaching the 40kph pit zone and overshot, hence speeding in the pit lane, otherwise the procession would of started off where it finished last year. However due to the changed race formats and points system we are seeing some new names up the pointy end.
Even though Lowndes won the day (go Lowndsey) his car was clearly a long way off winning pace. Hopefully with the money/expertise now behind that team this problem will be soon fixed. A good solid weekend from Ingal after a horrific crash in a warm up session on saturday afternoon.
Next, Eastern Ck.
I would have to say that Skaife will walk away with this one. The speed of his car was incredible at round 2 and seeing that eastern ck is similar to Phillip Island in many respects I expect that a fired up Skaife will take this one, being very vigilant not to make any more errors like Phillip Island.
Just got to mention that yours truly is leading the Aus GP2 Comp after we have run 3 rounds. With a second at Albert Pk. and Lake Burke(Cleveland Indy track) and  win at Adelaide, I am first in the comp with Sparra from the coke team coming second and Nick from Sonar the other podium possy.
Anyhow, that's enough Cud from the Cabby, Don't forget, Don't drink and drive, catch a cab so I can afford to  have a day off and a drink as well

Cheers for now,

Cabby Wayne


Here we are again … back at Phillip Island for yet another blinder!  The action has never ceased to amaze me from the island.  And this year was to be another reminder of weather changes on small islands.
Friday qualifying saw plenty of rain and Greg Murphy emerging as the fastest of the pack.  Saturday qualifying and top ten shoot out saw Mark Skaife emerge the victor.  He was followed closely by his team mate, Todd Kelly, then Ambrose, Bright, Murphy, Lowndes, Bowe, Steven Richards, Weel and Tander.
Before I tell you about the race I feel it is important to address a few errors which have been publicised throughout the racing world.  The first is the acronym HRT.  Many have been fooled by the elusive stance of this team in stating that it stands for Holden Racing Team.  Those of us who are closer to the action and are better informed realise that it refers to Hormone Replacement Therapy, and also indicates that the older drivers who seem to stay with HRT, like Mark Skaife, actually only perform well as they are ‘pumped’ each day.  The second error I have come across in the V8 Supercar World is one of a perception rather than a truth.  It has been publicised that HRT owns three teams: HRT, Team Brock, and Kmart Racing.  This is simply not the truth.  What is true, is that each of these teams share some data and information, but that is the extent of it.  HRT is not a company who owns three racing teams!  Instead, it is Holden who are storming the V8 Supercar World, and so Ford teams need to make unjustified stories to keep the pressure on them, giving them a small bite at the cherry.
We know that Ford have improved this year.  But what hasn’t been well presented is the fact that many Ford’s are now being driven by the better Holden drivers of last year.  Another oversight is that restrictions have been placed on the Holden teams this year to make the traditional battle a closer and more exciting one.  The unfortunate result of this is that some drivers feel it is best after a change from Holden to Ford to take out a Holden to make their way ahead and into Ford fans’ hearts.  This has led to several misdemeanours by more experienced drivers.
We saw the new and improved ‘enforcer’ on a charge early in the race, after bush-bashing in qualifying on Saturday.  He was able to turn his luck around, charging from 33rd position at the start of the race to finish in 10th position at the closure of the race.  Ingall had made his way from 33rd to 11th in 27 laps, then needing fuel, dropped a couple, only to make them up again.
The first compulsory stop came on lap 22 from Bright and he chose fuel.  This took him from 2nd to 24th, perhaps giving him an early advantage over the rest of the pack (a lighter load towards the end of the race).  Following this, Ambrose, Murphy and Skaife pitted in for similar stops on laps 25 and 26.  On lap 29, Skaife was given a black flag ‘drive-through penalty’ for speeding in pit lane.  He then, on lap 34, drove into the side of Greg Murphy spinning him off the track, obviously in the wrong again, but NO PENALTY???!!!  Maybe the officials have a soft spot for drivers in need of Hormone Replacement Therapy, as they too are no doubt worthy contenders.
The race was fairly ordinary for a while there, with only minor scrambling for places taking place until lap 46 when it started to rain, and boy did it pour.  The heaven’s opened and the drivers took for the pits and the ‘green’ tyres (wets).  Most drivers pitted in the three laps following this, offering great confusion as to who was really the leader.
On lap 49, Bright pushed, shunted and finally spun Ambrose as he tried to enter pit lane for his tyre stop (these were the two leaders at the time).  The next lap, Rick Kelly found it hard to steer in the wet, sliding off the track as he tried to enter pit lane.
Lap 51 saw lots of spins and the safety car out on the track.  This was quite entertaining to watch but obviously also quite dangerous for the drivers.  The red flag was shown on lap 56, still under the safety car, and the race was awarded to Craig Lowndes, 2nd: Jason Bright, 3rd: Greg Murphy.
The race ended quite suddenly but with nothing less than drama.  The comments following the decision to end were mainly in agreement, however, the ever-so-bold Greg Murphy stated that he was looking forward to the chance to win this one in the wet, as he has proven to be the best wet-weather driver on this track this year (Friday Practice).
Once again, Murphy was unfairly treated.  He was spun by Skaife with no penalty being dealt to Skaife for his careless and illegal attempted manoeuvre.  In saying this, if it had of been Murphy spinning Skaife, there is no doubt that a harsh penalty would have been the result.  This was not just a racing incident, this was a deliberate lunge by Skaife into Murphy to regain a position he lost by speeding in the pits.  What a sad sack of a driver!  I do not believe I have ever seen such a bad sport as Mark Skaife.  After every race he doesn’t win he blames his car or the stewards.  It is never his fault he didn’t win!
Anyway, an interesting race in the end, with many changes in the lead and a few incidents for the stewards to have a look at during the up-coming week.  So that’s another wrap from the Legend.
‘Til next time, burn that rubber!!!

Imola, A Tribute to Mrs Schumacher


Undoubtedly this season has been one of great controversy, change and misfortune.  Many teams have struggled this year in different areas.  Ferrari has struggled on race day - something that we haven't really witnessed in this form of motor racing.  That is of course until Imola, which will go down in history as a tribute to Michael and Ralf's mother who sadly passed away the morning of the race.  Both drivers performed extremely well on the day with Michael taking the honours and Ralf  finishing in 4th position.  His finishing position didn't display his superb driving on the day, instead indicated the poor ability of the Michelin tyres and the miscalculation by Williams Benetton.  By far Ralf was tyhe quickest driver on the day, however, his tyres and pit stops played a crucial role in the race, as they quite often do.


Michael never really looked back in the race, although there were several changes at the front, he seemed in control throughout the entire race.  The form of old seemed to return to Michael on this heart-felt day.  It seems that the recent misfortune for Ferrari and Schumacher may have come to pass.  If this is the case, Raikkonen will have to watch out, as will the ever elusive Coulthard.  The battle is now on for championship points, both driver and constructor.  With Ferrari and Schumacher back to his best, the rest of the field will have to drive even harder to keep up with the 'King of the Sport'.


The carnage was kept to a minimum in this race, unlike that of the previous round at Brazil.  Yet the racing was much more intense with some terrific battles occurring throughout the field.  The best battle from the onset of the race was between the two Schumacher brothers at the front, followed closely by Raikkonen and Montoya.  Battles occurred further in the back between Sauber drivers, Jordan drivers, and the new Jaguar driver, Mark Webber.  This was for the minor placings, until the continuing misfortune of Jaguar continued ... another break-down!!!  I realise that many people believe that Mark Webber is over-rated, but realistically folks, how many drivers do you know can keep up with the best, qualify in the top ten consistently, and race consistently in the top ten (prior to break-down, not driver error) in their second year of Formula One??!!  Webber may not be a Schumacher, or a Senna, but he is without a doubt on his way to great success in this elite form of motor sport.


The pit stops began early in the race, with the new rules contributing greatly (no-one knows which cars and teams have what strategies - fuel loads, number of pit stops, true car speed).  Many believed that the quicker qualifying cars of the less popular teams most have had low fuel loads, however, it seemed that Williams Benetton and Ferrari had the lowest amounts of fuel in their tanks from the onset of the race.  This was evident when the top drivers from each team pitted early for fuel bringing the first major jumble of placings.  The team which benefitted the most from these strategies was that of McLaren-Mercedes, boosting both Coulthard and Raikkonen.  The most surprising turn of events in this race was the mysterious strategy from the Ferrari team, who unexpectedly planned for three stops. This took its toll on Barrichello but did not effect the brilliance of Michael Schumacher.


Michael Schumacher has been criticised lately for his seeming lack of form this year.  This is mainly due to him showing that he is human and can make mistakes (something none of us is used to seeing from the great man).  Another great sign for motor racing and its fans was the show of emotions that Michael displayed upon winning the race.  This is again something we are not used to seeing.  Usually it is his kid brother, Ralf, who is full of emotions and cannot help but show them.  This race marked the brilliance of Michael for 2003 and enabled him to honour his mother in an extremely rare, yet fulfilling way.  For Ralf, 4th place was well-earned, though I am sure he would have liked to finish a little higher, perhaps even 1st.


The hussle and extreme competition of Formula One has taken its toll on many teams, as it usually does, resulting in many break-downs and DNF's.  This is a shame, as there are many drivers who are extremely talented that either aren't up to speed due to their car, or cannot finish in the points (again due to their car).  I am a strong believer that if Jaguar improve their machinery and its faults, Mark Webber will finish in the top five consistently.  I realise that this is a 'big call', but on his form and speed he has shown this year, there is no doubt in my mind that this is a realistic expectation to have.  Unfortunately, we are unlikely to see this happen, as we all know how far from perfect the Jaguar cars are.


As they say in Formula One, "anything can happen and it usually does".  This is why it is the greatest form of sport in the world.  With the closest battles, fastest times, high adrenalin, enormous crowds and top television coverage throughout the world, motor racing stands on its own as the 'top dog'.


So that's my line for this race, one which is usually kept for the V8's, but I couldn't help myself this week (as my tachometer red-lined).



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