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Here are some public domain details of the v8 supercar regulations.
For a full understanding see the links to AVESCO operating manual.
unfortunatly this document is very long, so if you wish a copy, e-mail the management, and we will forward the details on how to aquire a download.
Tyre allocations / track
Starting Procedures
Safety cars

Tyre Allocation
2002 V8 Supercar Championship Series






Mar 1 - 3




Mar 15 - 17

 Clipsal 500



Apr 12 - 14

 Phillip Island



Apr 26 - 28

 Eastern Creek



May 17 - 19

 Hidden Valley



Jun 7 - 9

 Canberra 400



Jun 28 - 30




Jul 26 - 28

 Oran Park



Aug 16 - 18




Sept 13 - 15

 Queensland 500



Oct 10 - 13

 V8 Supercar 1000



Oct 24 - 27

 Honda Indy 300



Nov 8 - 10

 NZ V8 International



Nov 29 - Dec 1

 The V8 Ultimate Sandown


Technical Rules

2002 Update

Data Logging 
The cars are only allowed to have sensors that are listed in the operation manual fitted to the car for data logging purposes. This is part of TEGAs ongoing drive to contain costs and to try to ensure a level playing field applies to as many cars as possible.

A number of changes have been made which TEGA believe will have a positive impact on safety, they include:
  • Fire Bombs
    All cars will be required to be fitted with a firebomb, conforming to the FIA specification for closed cars from the start of next year.
  • Refuelling
    The following changes have been made to refuelling equipment and procedures will be mandatory from the beginning of next year
  • The use of Siamese refuelling fittings, conforming to the FIA standard (100mm centre distance).
  • The introduction of a return vent system to the refuelling towers 
  • The introduction of a restrictor into the refuelling system to achieve a refuelling time of approximately 30 seconds.
  • Air Jack Connections
    The air jack connections on all cars must be located on or near the "B" pillar. The air jack operator must always be located on the pit garage side of the car during pit stop.
Triple Plate Clutches
All cars must be fitted with a triple plate clutch.

Model Eligibility
The following models of car are eligible to compete in each series for the 2002 season.

Eligible Vehicles - 



Fuel Pressure
The fuel pressure used in the cars must remain constant and will be limited to 5.5 bar.

Fuel Injectors 
The injector list below are the only approved injectors which can be used for 2002-01-25 
Bosch  351 / 363  280 150 351 / 280 150 363
Rochester 2014  D04917104 988
Rochester 2015  D 04917104 989
NB: Other injectors may be added to this list following approval by the TEGA Board.


Fluid Reservoirs
With the exception of clutch fluid reservoirs, driver drink bottles and washer bottles, all fluid reservoirs are to be mounted outside of the cockpit.

Stop Go Penalties
For 2002, the ubiquitous stop /go penalties will be replaced with drive through penalties this is to maintain a similar penalty level in pit lanes with the speed limit reduced to 40 km/h. If a time penalty is applied during a race or session, a team may be required to bring their car in and undertake a timed stop within their own pit bay before the car can proceed.

Pit Stops
At all 2002 V8 Supercar Championship Series races, cars will be able to make pit stops of all types under safety Car conditions. This measure has been taken in the belief that teams will be able to more readily run alternative race strategies with a lower risk of being disadvantaged due to a Safety Car deployment.

Top Ten Shootout Points
For 2002, drivers will no longer be able to gain championship points for positions gained in the shoot out championship points will be gained form race results only. This change has been made, as the general feeling within the category is that there is sufficient reward for shoot out results in the grid positions alone.

Championship Points
The controversial system of awarding points to 32nd place, regardless of whether a car finished or not, has been abandoned for 2002 and only classified finishers will be eligible for championship points. The system was introduced in 2001 on a trial basis in an effort to maintain a closer championship table, but has been set aside for 2002 as it was considered confusing by many fans.

Still on pointscore, one very significant change for 2002 is that drivers in endurance rounds will split the points applicable to each car. Therefore, the car that wins Bathurst will split its 400 points between both drivers so that they each get 200 points. This change, it is believed, should result in a much closer finish to the championship series and keep competition fully alive to the last race.

Pre Qualifying 
For 2002, Pre Qualifying will use championship position by car to decide which cars are exempt from Pre Qualifying. At rounds where Pre Qualifying is not held (refer "formats" page) the cars that qualify for selection will be as a result of championship position by car.

Test rules have been changed for 2002, primarily as part of the drive to cut costs but also due to the loss of the Lakeside circuit in Queensland. For 2002, each team or group of teams will be permitted 10 test days at one test track of their nomination in their home state.

Pit Lane Order 
Pit Lane team order for 2002 will be based on the championship results of each teams best driver in the 2001 championship Franchise level will not be part of the setting of this order. As in 2001, two and one car teams will alternate to maximise pit lane working room for crews and pit lane order will be started at pit exit to try and prevent too much crossover during pit stop periods.

Maximum Penalties
As part of indicating to all concerned that these matters are taken very seriously, any team that intentionally breaks the testing, tyre or data acquisition rules for 2002 faces a maximum fine of $250,000 and the loss of all championship points if found guilty

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