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Silly Season In V8 Supercars

Well Its that time of year again!!

December 14 2002

Caterpillar leaves Briggs Motorsport. Rumour is they may be taking thier money to Team Brock, (who in turn are supposed to be joining the TWR empire. Briggs will run just two Betta Electrical cars. No offitial news of drivers, but rumour has Dean Canto,Radisich and Longhurst all linked with the team, and that is one to many!! It appears that Max Wilson may be heading for Dick Johnson Racing, and "negotiations with Tony Longhurts are continuing"....

Paragon Motorsport Sold to Kiwi Buisnessman and millinare David Threxton. As an off-road driver he feels now is the time to get into V8's.... Now that is THREE NewZealand teams.
Paul Dumbrell has been confirmed as Russel Ingalls replacement at Castrol Perkins Racing, after a strong drive with Larry at Qld and Bathurst this year. He has signed up for two years, but who will get the other car??
Craig Baird Confirmed at Team Kiwi. Does this mean the Rumours are true that Jason Richards will be heading for the other Kiwi team, at Team Dynamik?
Big Brother is coming, AVESCO have confirmed the introduction of in-car cameras and recorders in all cars in a push to impement fair and even penalties. They will be capable of recording 10 hours of footage on a hard drive.

As of 10 December 2002..... As Far As we can work out!!

Team Brock May be joining the TWR Empire with the Rod Nash and Paul Weel Level two franchises!

Jason Bargwanna Moves Holden to Ford to team up with Mark Larkam at Pirtec racing.

Russel Ingall Leaves Holden and Castrol to move to (and I am Still in Shock)... To Join with the Very close to success Stone Brothers Team with Marcus Ambrose!