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Form Application Center Freeware

Important note for windows servers users:

You need to open,,, and, then modify $fullpath to your full system path. In addition, make sure you are using "/" instead of "\" in your system path.

Please visit our FAQ section if you want more information about the system path.

For legal and copyright information, please refer to the header notice inside each script.

1) If the path to perl on your server is different from
then you will need to change it on the first line in ,, and

2) Upload all files (including the folders and all files inside them) to your cgi-bin in ASCII(plain text). To make your life easier, You should create a sub directory under the cgi-bin and then upload the files into the sub directory.

Please visit our FAQ section if you want to know how to upload a file in ASCII mode.

4) Chmod all files and directory to permission "755."

*However, if you get a permission denied message when you save the configurations or password, you will need to chmod, superuser.db, header.txt, footer.txt, all files in directory "data", directory "data", and directory "form1" to permission "777."

Please visit our FAQ section if you want to know how to chmod a file.

5) Execute with your browser (point the browser to

6) Set the superuser admin name and password then reload the browser to set the configurations. should detect all paths for you, but if it fails to do so, you will need to provide the paths to

System paths should look somewhat like /web/home/httpd/cgi-bin... or e:/inetpub/cgi/... Usually, you can obtain the system path from your server admin. If you can use telnet to access your server, type in "pwd" after you have logged in. The PWD command will return your current system path.

7) Login and customize the form.

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