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Rubbin' is Racin', Racefan Racing Newsletter
March, 2003   Keeping you up-to-date on your favorite sport every Month
New Look
Check out the new look we have!
We have made several changes to the Banner, Menu and Navigation to speed up loading, and allow easier navigation. It is now easier to go straight to where you want to be. The links have been tidied up, and heaps of new content!
We Have new pages for a number of series, like CART, IRL, and Nick from New Zealand has a page for 'Down Under Performance Cars'
Have your say in the Interactive Forums, and check out the latest news in the press releases!
Also Check out the new Galleries, which are starting to come on-line!
Racefans Interactive
A Whole new concept has been introduced to replace the forums.
1. New Interactive forums for every-one. Racefan's Interactive V8 Forum for the fans of the Supercars, and Racefan's Rubbin' is Racin' Interactive General Forum. Dive in and have YOUR say!!!
2. Expanded Range of News and Press release Forums

Pats 2003 Motorsport Calendar
I Have posted my first All-In-One Motorsport Calendar.
You can see whats on each weekend. In the near future there will be a series-by series one as well.
These will also be easily downloadable and printable in the very near future!

Pat Kershaw,


Woops, 200mkm/hr + concrete wall = $100,000 repair bill!
There are a whole swarm of new race reports and comments, from Myself, The Guru, Ross, Lee and MORE!
Formula 1

The F1 season got under way in a blaze of controversy, Check out the F1 pages for news on the new rules, teams and of course the results, where we had the first no-Ferrari podium for 52 races. This championship may be on the way up...

V8 Supercars

The Non-Championship round at the AGP, in front of an international audience always gets the blood boiling. This year, after the silliest silly season ever, was no exception, with the return of the "enforcer", and $100,000's of dollars damage. Check out the V8 Pages for results, News and the press releases for the latest on the Holden/TWR Saga...